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How should I respond if I am asked to pay with cash or another method that is not directly through the Zenin app?

If you are asked to pay by any other method that is not directly via the Zenin app, there are simple options available to you for reporting the activity to us that ensures your personal information stays protected.

Reporting requests for payment outside of ZENIN

If you receive a request from a client or therapist to pay outside of the ZENIN massage app or via a third party, the following reporting options are available to you.

All ZENIN invoicing is carried out electronically via email or via the ZENIN App. ZENIN will never issue an invoice as a PDF or in paper form. Should an attempt be made to carry out a transaction via money order, direct cash payment, bank transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram, please report the fraudulent activity.

Fraud Types

Underpayment Scam
If an offer is made to pay or accept less than the actual price for a ZENIN massage, we are unable to ensure payment protection as the payment will not be considered a ZENIN booking.

Advancement Scam
If you pay or receive a fee for services outside or the ZENIN app, ZENIN can no longer guarantee your appointments. If you do wish to make a future booking, and even a future booking with the same ZENIN therapist, you can conveniently select this option through the ZENIN app.

By using the ZENIN platform, you have access to our dedicated customer service team, who work hard to ensure you receive the best treatment available and the highest standard of care. By booking through the ZENIN app you ensure your security and your personal information always remains protected.

Tipping Scam
Tips in the form of cash payment cannot be reported and may be considered tax fraud by the ATO. If you wish to leave a tip, you can do this conveniently through the ZENIN app ensuring both parties receive a tax receipt.

Appointment Extension Scam
Prior to the commencement of your massage, the duration of the massage should be clearly communicated. If the session time is extended however not indicated in the ZENIN app, both parties will not be held accountable for the extended time.

Massage delivered to your home, office, or hotel.
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