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Beautiful girl in spa salon Salt Scrub and Oil Massage

Salt Scrub and Oil Massage

Salt scrubs are a bit harder than sugar scrubs, that's why they are recommended for dry and calloused skin areas. It's an ideal treatment for feet or elbows, and also for skin detoxification.

Salt contains minerals and has antibacterial qualities that can reduce inflammation and prevents itchiness, mixed with oils it can also replenish dry skin.

Young man relaxing during traditional massage with hot stones at Asian spa and wellness center

Salt has many cleansing and healing properties, it eliminates toxins and negative energy, it also helps the skin breath easier, encourage blood flow and improves skin texture.

All these properties, combined with the right oils and professional massage techniques will leave you feeling energized and your skin will be cleaner, softer and younger.


Massage delivered to your home, office, or hotel.
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