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Office Massage

Recharge your staff both physically and mentally

Book 20 minute or 30 minute recharge massages.

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Small investment - Big return!

Organizing regular on-site Zenin massages can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and promote good health through stress reduction, relaxation and postural awareness.

Zenin Massage Therapists are insured and fully certified to provide high quality stress-relieving At Work massage.

  • 1. Book us as a perk for your employees, clients, or event attendees.
  • 2. We travel to your location carrying everything needed.
  • 3. Your staff relax comfortably in our ergonomic massage chairs or massage tables while enjoying a blissful massage.
  • During the Zenin on-site massage, endorphins (natural painkillers) are released, immediately elevating the mood.
  • Zenin massages feel amazing! In just three minutes, team members begin to relax, and experience relief from muscular pain and tension, leaving the massage chairs recharged and rejuvenated.
  • An on-site Zenin massage can reduce the occurrence of repetitive strain, common across the back, neck, wrists, arms and hands.
  • A great massage reduces both physical and mental fatigue, relaxes tight muscles and lowers blood pressure.
  • Massage treatment promotes immunity – clients suffer less colds and short term illness
  • Regular on-site massage treatments promote a better work environment. Stress and tension are reduced, absenteeism is reduced and productivity increases.

We provide high quality, in office massage to companies of all sizes

  • A more relaxed, happy and productive team
  • Increase morale, reduced stress
  • In-office massage provides a definite return on investment
  • Substantial impact
  • Licenced, vetted massage therapists
  • Who doesn't enjoy a massage?
  • Tailored programmes
Zenin massages are the best massages. Try for yourself.

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